Good Morning , Afternoon Or Evening.


It depends where you are of course but let me introduce myself.

I’m the Spokesperson for the Pinstripe and Bowler club and we were formed on the 51st floor of the Tencent Binhai Mansion in Shenzhen, China. This building housed a number of Brokerages, Finance Houses and Traders, all operating within various sections of the world of money.

Gold, Oil, Stock, CFD’s, Options, Futures, – FOREX, Whiskey, Cotton, Coffee, Pork Belly’s, – you name it, they moved it.

You may or may not know that that particular office tower, magnificent as it is, stands only 50 floors high. It was by convening for a cigarette and chin wag on the roof that one got to pick up on the REAL information.

Who is trading what ? Which bank has just bought what ? What will Wall Street do today as soon as that bell rings ? Where is the USD going ? etc.

So here we are in early 2017 and I guess those questions have never been more relevant than ever.

Is Donald Trump really the US President ? How will he do ? What will he do ? The BREXIT deal – what impact will that have on the markets ? Mr Putin – Is he as bad as the west makes out ? Syria ? What next ? North Korea – What next indeed ? and so on and so on.

The truth is, we don’t know. The reality is that the worlds markets will react to decisions taken by these people and actions by these states. Together with weather conditions, elections, supply and demand, 2017 will be a year of change.

The markets love change.

Change means profit. Change brings price differences which means profit.

How will you know where to be, what to buy, when to sell, should you hold ?

Well you could do worse than listen to inside track from the 51st floor.

We’ll try and bring you the latest information on trend, aquisition, dump, merge. Go long, go short, do nothing. We will let you know through our blog. All you need to do is make sure you’re in prime position to move and move quickly to take full advantage of what you see and read.

Watch this space, if it’s happening then we’ll know about it.


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